Monday, March 24, 2008

Can't Say I Don't Know How to Waste Time

A Day Spent Doing What?

Well, I started off driving over to my tax man only to find out he was closed today and I'd had the date wrong. My appointment is for tomorrow. Which meant I had to change the time the new washer and dryer were being delivered. Supposedly, the electrician is coming "first thing in the morning" to ready the wiring for the new dryer, which is a good thing. It's also a good thing I had to change the delivery date to Thursday, as there was a distinct possiblity the dryer might have arrived before the electrician and the old dryer would not have been disconnected and ready to leave.

So. Morning gone.

Then I had some issues with my potential mortgage lender for the solar system, so I had to make some calls and am in a bit of a pickle about that at the moment.

So, I finally decided to put some items up on eBay to earn some money. Darned if that didn't turn into a marathon. EBay has at least two different ways to set up listings. After nearly completing the first method, I found out I could not offer international shipping options, nor could I allow buyers to calculate their own shipping fees based on location, so I had to start all over...twice more before I finally got the listings all straightened out.

I am selling two new pairs of Ariat Maestro dressage boots. US size 8.5 and US size 9, both with full calves. They are gorgeous boots, but with a foot issue I have and the problem with my knees and wearing knee braces when I ride, the boots just don't fit me. I wore the smaller pair once around the house and yard before my foot became a problem, but I never rode in them. The second pair is brand spanking new--the model with the zipper, but they don't fit right either anymore. I've had them sitting around for a year, so now they are at auction. Along with them, I listed a set of brand new Toklat shipping boots with an extra bonus pair.

Now that I've "broken the eBay ice," I should be listing a number of other items. I don't think I'll put my dressage saddle--a Passier Nicole (Grand Gilbert) on there as saddles don't sell as well. But I do have some other horsey items. I'll keep you all posted via the blog in case you need anything. There will be a bitless bridle--synthetic--eventually.

Afternoon wore on until I realized it was nearly feeding time so I hiked on out to the barn to ride Tucker.

I started him off on a fairly longish rein, just insisting he go forward. Very early on, I had him in a canter, getting him to cement the idea of "go" in his brain to follow up on the longlining from yesterday.

Then, I took up the rein and put him into a fairly collected frame. He stopped. Pawed, fidgeted, and finally, moved off, keeping himself together. I did a lot of transition work, even bringing him back down to the walk with a halt and move off. He fussed a little about it, but it was more as if he were trying to figure things out rather than being obnoxious.

Then, I decided to do some lateral work--shoulder in and haunched in (renvers). Well, that was interesting. It was as if he hadn't a clue. Now, mind you, he has done these exercises before, but today, the haunches in was a total puzzle. I am wondering if being in a more collected frame shuts out previous training, or, if being in a collected frame demands he work his body more correctly so that the exercises become particularly challenging.

If that's it, then basic obedience to the aids goes out the window as he--with his "new body posture"--has to learn everything all over again. If so, it's going to be a longer haul than I'm used to, but it's OK. I find training the exercises to be an interesting experience as it calls on just about every riding skill/trick/technique I've ever learned. Kind of a crash remedial course for me as well as my horses.

I do have to admit that once we'd established the collected frame and Tucker found he could really go forward, when I finished up with some simple lead changes--canter/walk/canter--he nearly had them with the slightest hint of a trot stride in the downward. The upwards back up to canter are great, so we are almost there.

I had already decided Tucker was the only one I'd work today. I am giving Chance a day to process his lessons from yesterday, and Toby just needs to be legged up for whatever lessons he is going to be ridden in.

Day one of my Spring/Easter break has flown by. I'm going to miss it.


  1. No such thing as "wasting time" if you enjoyed what you did!


  2. you're getting the good weather for it, at least!

  3. I LOVE ebay unfortunately I usually end up buying and not selling then end up with a ton of stuff I dont need then get less when I resell it!;0

    Hope you get sorted with your solar system great idea if it comes off.