Monday, March 31, 2008

Mist Today

And Missed Today

My shoulder kept me awake last night. I managed to squeeze a chiropractic adjustment in during the school day which was good as I was feeling pretty miserable.

It was supposed to rain but never quite seemed to have passed the mist stage. Enough to make me need my windshield wipers (sorry, what's the Brit term again???) while driving, but not enough to really soak things.

Still, I decided not to ride for the sake of my shoulder which seems to be feeling a bit better tonight. Not quite sure what is causing what, but two of my neck vertebrae were out of place. Did the shoulder muscle pull out the vertebrae, or did the vertebrae irritate the muscle? Who knows.

At any rate, it does need some time to settle down.

Showers, wind, and warmer weather in the forecast for tomorrow.


  1. Interesting concept, isn't it? Which is first ? the vertebra or the muscles?
    Some say that the bones do what the muscles make them do. Others unblocked muscles by putting bones in the right alignement.
    Which one is first?

    Take it easy. The damp weather is not very good for muscles/bones pain.

  2. Oooh I know about not sleeping on a shoulder! It's the only thing I can't do with mine yet.



  3. i hadn't thought about the neck affecting the shoulder... oh dear.

    i can never make my mind up which of mine i should sleep on, since both hurt (3 falls each side! including one fracture) i know how you feel! but mine tends not to hurt when riding, thank goodness!