Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weather Follies

And A Ride in the Rain

The delivery guys came with my new washer and dryer around 9 AM. I'd fed the Boys and was just finished dragging the arena when they arrived.

All went well until it came time to hook up the wires to the dryer and we found out the power cord was too short. Darn. The guy showed me how to hook it up if I could get a longer cord.

After they left, I decided I'd better ride Tucker as the forecast called for rain the rest of the day. By then, it was already showering, so I saddled up and did a short, but good school in the arena. Tuck gave me some pretty good stuff right off, but did throw a couple of little mini tantrums, again because I had over corrected him on a downward transition. No big deal, but he does make it clear that he is either confused by what I've asked or insulted that I asked "too hard" for his liking. Thoroughbred ego at work.

By the time we'd finished we were both heading from damp to really wet. I figured that was it for the day, so I went back into the house, changed and headed for the appliance store to get the new cord. Shopped for a few other little things on the way home.

The weather kept changing. For one moment, it even looked as if the sun was going to come out. I still had to pay my hay man next door, and, I figured after that I'd go to the tack store to look for a bit to try on Chance since I don't think I have a solid snaffle anymore.

Well, I never got past the hay man. He is the owner manager of the sand company across the road--no longer a working operation--but still there and he also does developing around the area. In short order, we began talking about all kinds of development issues, engineering firms, environmental issues, politics, and all kinds of interesting stuff, until...before I knew was time to head back to feed the Boys dinner.

Top this all off by the fact that it never really did "rain." Showers, yes, drips, yes, but steady rain--not that I saw. The ground is hardly wet.

I guess I could've ridden someone else. Trouble was, after hooking up the dryer, going up and down the cellar stairs a good half dozen or more times, and riding Tucker, my knees were pretty sore.

That leaves another supposedly soggy day, not so soggy, and better hopes for tomorrow.

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  1. My first event that I would have done with Jazz is rained off, it's so wet here!