Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cleaning Again

Well, It Was Raining....

The solo went really well in church this morning. I was pretty happy with it. We have a service Thursday night and then two services Easter Sunday morning. I have the solo I wrote at the early service and a solo with the choir, then in the later service, a repeat of the solo with the choir. Gotta keep my voice healthy till then.

It was raining this morning and into the early afternoon, so I went back to the cleaning project. Somehow, no matter how many clothes I give away, I still seem to have too many. I cleaned out the second closet and filled it back up again. If it weren't for the clothes still down in the basement near the half dead washer/dryer, I might be OK, but they create an overload. I should just shut my eyes, stuff them into bags and cart them off to the charity bins.

And, I need to stop shopping!

OK, 'nough said. This time, once I got going, I didn't want to stop until I was finished. Though the sun came out, I decided not to ride as any break in my frenzy would have short circuited the whole project before I finished.

At any rate, the bedroom is at last in reasonable order. Not perfect, but certainly nothing to be ashamed of. I'll tidy up the front of the house later. The extra bedroom is far from neat as all the clothes I am getting rid of are in there, but that's OK for now.

Once the weather gets better I will start on the barn--tack room and rugs, etc. By then I hope to have the new washer/dryer, so I can clean some sheets. Right now, I can't even wash a load of lightweight clothes without a major hassle. The rinse and spin cycles just aren't reliable enough.

I've been invited to dinner tomorrow night--corned beef and cabbage, what else?

Wish I had some nice green shamrocks for the Boys to eat! They are craving greenery.

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  1. why corned beef and cabbage, for goodness sake? i know its st patrick's day, but never heard of that before. hope you enjoy it .

    i know the feeling re clothes as my case, an overload of riding jackets and jodphurs (but i do use them all, cycle through them and then they last longer -she says, hopefully trying to justify)