Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nothing New

Shoulder Still Sore

I went for acupuncture and another adjustment today.

Didn't do anything with the Boys.

They do look awfully cute in their orange rain sheets. I rained most of the day off and on, but the sun is out now and it is close to 70 F. Maybe too hot to ride? *G*

The temps are supposed to drop to the 50's as the week progresses. But along with that will be more rain.

Meantime, I am putting heat on my shoulder and hoping it will feel better soon. I must have done something to injure it, but I have no idea what. My chiropractor worked on my shoulder blade today as well--Carolinitis?????--and that may well do the trick. It was actually more sore after the adjustment, but in a different way, so perhaps we are on to something.

That's OK. It's nice to have three horses in the backyard to just look at. *lol*


  1. jean, stop telling us about your weather, it's so not fair!

    are you sure this shoulder is to do with the neck?

  2. I'm feeling for you Jean, I hope it gets better soon.