Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lovely Day!

Beeeautiful Weather!

It ended up in the upper 80's but there was a gorgeous breeze and low humidity so the day was just lovely. I spent too much time indoors, I suppose, but I got some washing done and a few other chores.

Then I went to the feed store to get alfalfa cubes. Stopped at the market on the way home for some hot dogs (weiners?) so I could have a little Memorial Day picnic kind of meal.

Came home and decided because it was so nice out that the Boys could go out and do some more lawn mowing for me. They were a bit silly again, and did a bit of romping, but by and large they trimmed a lot of the back lawn area for me.

For some reason, Tucker has been chasing Chance a lot lately. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I am working both of them. Tucker does get jealous and might be trying to put Chance in his place. Chance doesn't seem to care too much but I hate to see him being tormented.

After the Boys grazed, I saddled up Tucker and gave him a good solid school in the arena. This was the first time since I started working him that I asked for some serious "on the bit" work at the trot and canter. Aside from one or two minor protests, he accepted the restriction quite well and gave me some good work.

I did accidentally get a flying change. I'm not sure why, especially since he changed from his right lead, going right on to his left lead. Interesting.

We had some nice half passes at the trot in each direction and good half passes at the canter in each direction as well. I finished up with a good number of times on each rein through the trotting poles, some very good reinback, and one walk pirouette on each rein.

I was rather worn out after that workout, so I went out to poo pick the arena as I'd neglected to do it before riding Tuck. Chance came out to "help" me and once the Big Boys saw that, they too came out to offer "assistance." Meaning that I had to wheel the barrow around them to get it to the manure pile.

After I finished, I caught Chance and gave him a lungeing session. He wanted to canter instead of trot at the start, so I simply let him, then did his trot work afterwards. I also sent him over the trotting poles a good number of times.

Once again, Toby wanted nothing to do with anything that vaguely resembled tack, so I just let him play "retired" horse. I will work him now and then to get him minimally fit, but he has worked hard enough in his life to just relax if he wants to.

I thought about going for a swim but it wasn't hot enough to inspire me beyond thinking about it.


  1. Oh no, you are getting accidental flying changes too! I wonder if you just sat a little different for a stride. I see you sent both of them over trotting poles.

  2. Anonymous11:10 AM

    A lovely day, indeed! You did in fact do a lot - I would have been tired after all of that!

  3. very energetic in that heat....

    it's all a lot easier as the nights get lighter though!

  4. It does sound like a great day. We have one retired horse too, who feels he has done it all and if he wants to work we will let him but he's not really interested. Actually put him on the lunge for maybe five minutes and he stopped and told us, that was enough. But since he gets plenty of exercise on his own we don't worry about him that much. He's in pretty good shape for an old guy.