Saturday, May 09, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Oft Go Awry

OK, so I wrote myself out of the play two weeks ago and I wrote myself back in today. The actor who was supposed to do the role I was playing has been offered a "cannot turn down" job during the run, so he cannot take on the role. That leaves me back in.

Not such a disaster as I think I have a good handle on the lines. I did change the circumstances of my character somewhat to suit the play's new ending. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to remember what I am supposed to say. I just hope I am a good enough actor to do them well and convincingly. *sigh*

But the bigger issue is that now I need to be in the theatre all next week after school and, as well, at some points during the day. I have no idea how this is going to work out as far as my classes go. At some point I need to teach, but I'm just not sure how and when. I hope there will be a relatively easy to manage solution. It could get pretty awkward.

Ah, what a perfect way to spend my second to last month as a teacher.

This morning, before I left for the school, the carpentry teacher came by. We had a deal where he was going to repair some of my broken fence posts in trade for my now defunct but probably quite restorable electric golf cart. I went out with him to supervise and play horse wrangler as he worked.

Toby, Tucker, and Chance were totally fascinated by his presence, his tools, and every move he made. I guess the Boys are short on entertainment. At this point I am considering getting them a big screen TV tuned to "This Old House," or one of the other home improvement channels. Hammers, screwdrivers, and carpentry skills do seem to be high on their interest list.

Tucker, especially, followed us all over the paddock, "snoopervising" every nail. He was very serious about it too, as if he wanted to be assured that all the work was properly completed. I don't know if the fence will stay repaired, but it certainly does have the Bay Thoroughbred seal of approval.

We ended up using my tractor with the front end loader to push the golf cart onto the trailer. I hope it gets a good home. I know it needs a lot of tender loving care.

With the cart gone, I headed to the chiropractor for an adjustment, then to school where I spent the rest of the day mostly trying to find useful things to do. The teacher and her performing arts students were doing all the important work of rigging lights, set design, prepping sound cues, painting, etc. I finally ended up preparing a display for the lobby. But, as usual, I got carried away and I've managed to write up a theater newspaper to add to a display board with the press release from the real newspaper and perhaps the publicity from the school website. When I finished the writing part and came out of the school, everyone had left except for three students who were waiting for rides. I hung out with them until their parents came and here I am.

Now, I have somehow lost the connection to my home printer. I downloaded a new version of MS Office with the intent to upgrade, but I think it's done something to my settings. To top it off, the program is asking for my original Office CD. I have no idea where that is at the moment.
Darn Mircrosoft never trusting people to be honest about their software. This is a legally purchased program, but if I don't find the CD, I probably will have to pay the full price instead of the upgrade price when I decide to go for it.

Phooey. Guess I have to start a full house search. My own fault, but's been since 2003!!!


  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Ah, Microsoft - that's why we now use Apples! Good luck with managing the play and teaching - it'll probably work out, and the play sounds pretty exciting.

    It must be a bay TB thing - our mare Dawn is endlessly fascinated with all things mechanical - tractors, vehicles, work tools, and basically whatever equipment is available for inspection!

  2. You're going out with a bang! I hope you are able to balance everything out and still take care of yourself. As for the horses, just have a repair man there most days to entertain them - that should do the trick.

  3. I'm sure you will handle everything with the play and school. It does sound like a busy time though. Hope you find your original software, that is such a pain when things go wrong.
    We have a dutch warmblood(Nate) who is also the snoopiest horse fascinated by workers. We had a repair man fixing an outside waterer, and Nate was actually standing behind him looking over his shoulder the whole time. The guy got quite a kick out of it and is still talking about him.