Friday, May 01, 2009

Have to Get Some Pics

Beautiful Boys

My Boys just look so good! They are nearly shedded out, the time of year I love because their coats are so shiny and new. However, it's raining. So I don't think it's a good day for that.

My vet is coming tomorrow morning to do the rest of the season's immunizations. Then, I hope, if it's really "a few showers" as the weather forecast says, that I will get in some saddle time.

I will also have to mow the lawn again. The grass is growing like crazy, but since it's a combination of crabgrass, good grass, and other assorted strange weeds, it kind of looks like a kit with a really bad haircut as everything seems to grow at a different speed. Meanwhile, my Aunt's lawn was manicured again today by her mowing crew, so I look even more unkempt. Hey, I'm into the "natural look!" *G*

Meantime, Stacie just called to say that the vetting on her potential horse looks pretty good so far, but she will be having a second opinion on the X rays just to be sure. It's getting close. This may be the one, but I will not say much more until we are sure.

Next week and the week after are going to be nutty with my play opening. I talked to a newspaper reporter today and he intends on getting the article in the paper next week, so that is a plus. I have always had good luck getting publicity when I have made the effort. The school just doesn't have a handle on how to go about it.

Gee, there's a job I could handle. Trouble is, right now I'd have to develop all kinds of new contacts with the press. I used to know exactly who to get in touch with for a story, but that was some twenty years ago. The reporter I talked to today is another new guy on the local paper.

I think, though, he has a good angle. A mother who lost her daughter in a car crash had just written a letter to the editor about changing the laws regarding suspending driver's licenses. I guess the topic has been tossed about in the paper recently. My story and play turns out to be quite timely. That makes a big difference in getting coverage.

I still haven't heard from the two other papers I approached, but with them, it's hard to tell. My press release might just show up somewhere printed as is. That's happened before too.

I'll just wait and see for now.


  1. Very exciting about your play and the press it will get.
    Hope the weather clears up this weekend and you do get some ride time in and a few pictures too.

  2. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Some of our horses are fully shed out and some are still fuzzy on bellies and legs - I also love those new sleek spring coats - they look particularly nice after worming - somehow it gives them an extra glow. Hope all goes well with the play publicity and that you get to ride as the weather dries out.