Saturday, May 02, 2009


But It's My Own Fault

I'm the one who fell asleep on the couch. Consequences? Neck out, migraine on the way. And on a Saturday too!

I tried to get an appointment Friday night but the chiropractor was booked, so I set myself up for 8:45 in the morning, before the vet was to arrive. I spent a restless night, and by the time I woke up, all was not well. I got adjusted and felt better, but not great. Took a short nap when I got home, then got up to bring the horses in.

My vet arrived a little late. Mind you, the appointment was for 10:30 and she got here at about 10:55. No complaints at all because this vet office is fantastic about staying on time. Turns out she was quite a ways west of here, in unfamiliar territory and got lost. Good thing she finally found a road she recognized. I think she will put her GPS in the truck next time. The office usually does not travel that far to take care of clients, but apparently this is someone Dr. Klayman has treated for years and so they keep her in the loop despite the distance. And yes, his office is THAT good!!

The Boys got their shots and a quick once over. I gave Dr. Perez some carrots to give Tucker as it was his birthday, and I will admit, Tucker was quite polite about taking them. Maybe at nine he is finally growing up. Dr. Perez thinks so because she swears he's grown since she last saw him. Well, he is touching 17h and he's quite round, so I suppose he does look big.

Once done, I came back in iced and heated myself for a while, fell asleep on the bed, properly supported and got up a few hours later. I did a bit of grass plucking outside to give the Boys some of the nice grass from the lawn--which needs a mowing again--talked to my aunt for a bit, fed the Boys, and came in to finally watch the Kentucky Derby.

Wow! Some finish. I love it when a longshot wins, but I do keep hoping for a Triple Crown winner. I gues time will tell if Mine That Bird is just a one race horse or a classic winner. Either way, it was an impressive run.

Headed back out to do something with Tucker since I finally felt better. We had a nice, energetic, varied session on the lunge line. He is really responding to my voice so I can do a lot of transitions between trot and canter which are very good for developing muscle and balance.

Then I decided to try a few pictures. Something is not right with the camera I have as most of them were out of focus. I'm not sure if its the settings or what, but I am getting a little fed up. I was looking at a new one and might end up buying it after all. It didn't help that the horses did not cooperate either. So, below is Tucker's birthday shot--walking towards me to stick his nose in the camera lens. At least it's a birthday pic. I'll try again tomorrow! *G*


  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Happy birthday Tucker! You have to watch those couches - they just reach out and grab you and the next thing you know you're asleep, only to wake up with a stiff neck! Feel better!

  2. At first read I thought you were pleased that the vet was polite about the carrots. Sometimes you have to re-read something to comprehend it.
    Glad you're feeling better. I believe you have some busy music days ahead, non?
    Thanks for all your visits and comments.

  3. Hope you are feeling good enough to ride tomorrow.
    Happy Birthday Tucker you are one handsome boy.

  4. *LOL* When I re-read the post I saw the pronoun reference error! *blush* I have fixed it so it no longer seems as if Dr. Perez was polite. SHE was happy to have the carrots to give Tucker (HIM) on his birthday and acutally sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

  5. Well, I am glad that they were both polite!

    When I fall asleep on the couch it's often my back that suffers. It's such a temptation to sneak a nap but we do pay the price for it. Hope your neck stays better.

  6. we have the advantage of you there... don't own a couch at the moment (it's in the plan to have one though...)