Saturday, May 16, 2009


Or Just Plain Worn Out

I didn't quite realize how exhausted I was. I slept late, despite my cats' noble efforts to get me out of bed by 7 AM. Made it to almost 8 AM and went out to feed the Boys.

Not sure what had been going on before I went out, but Tuck and Chance were all sweaty. Tuck had already rolled in the dirt and Chance did so soon after, so both of them were pretty messy looking. They did look happy, though. But then Tuck chased Chance away from the barn so Chance had to clearly wait his turn to come in to eat.

Then I came back inside and did some cursory house cleaning. I need to get things in order before Monday when the appraiser is coming for my new potential refinance. (Taking advantage of the lower interest rates if possible.)

Then, I took a short nap. Lazy Saturday, I guess.

I went out near dinner time, to do a little horsework. This time, I lunged Tucker. He really looked wonderful on the line when he spooked at the famous white plastic chair I had moved in the woods outside the arena. Lovely arch to his neck, elevated strides and an elegant carriage. Now if I could only get that when I was schooling dressage he would make quite an impression. At least I know the potential is there.

Meantime, he has become extraordinarily obedient on the lunge. I am able to ask for and get some good quick canter/trot/canter transistions, which are really good for building strength and balance.

However, when I went to get Chance, somebody...not sure whether it was Tucker or Toby, led a mad gallop out to the pasture, leaving me in the dampish dust (rained last night). It was pretty clear that unless I intended to walk out to collect him lungeing was not in the cards. It's OK, considering that I am physically pretty tired too. My knees ache, and I am just worn out.

I cleaned out the water trough and fed. Here I am, back inside.

One horse worked, so that was good. I'll see what tomorrow brings.

Guess I'm just not as young as I used to be.


  1. well you had a long week and need a rest. do you get any more holiday before you retire?

  2. You're certainly entitled to be tired after all you've done lately.
    It was nice to get one horse worked. See what tomorrow brings, if it's not raining you could possibly get all three done.

  3. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Lots of sleep, good food, a hot bath and (if you drink) a nice glass of wine should do the trick! Glad you got to do something with (at least one of) the boys.

  4. None of us are! I expected that you would need the weekend for rest and recuperation. Take care of yourself first! You want to last until retirement! It won't be long now.