Sunday, May 24, 2009

And The Heat Is On

But Not For Long

Well, it was up into the 90's F today, and warm even early when I headed out for church. Too hot to ride.

Went to lunch, and got home to take a short nap, trying to decide how to spend the rest of the afternoon.

It was definitely hot enough to swim, so I fed the Boys and headed out to the pool. Now, mind you, this is the first weekend they have been open and the water has not heated up from the sun yet. I would not be able to estimate how cold it was, but let's just say, "chilly." However, as is often the case, once I got in and began to swim, it felt WONDERFUL!!

I suspect I will regret it tomorrow, but I did manage 10 full laps of the pool, up and back. I varied my strokes so I may not be too muscle sore. The biggest issue was the breathing. Even when I got into my relaxed rhythm, I was getting a little winded. I think the swimming really helps my breath control, so I suspect I am just out of shape and out of practice.

It was still warm when I came home but I decided the tall grass on the bank in front of the house needed to be trimmed. I pulled out my electric weed string trimmer only to discover it wouldn't work. The motor made a very sad sound and nothing happened. Don't know but it might have gotten some water in it over the winter or else it has just died a natural death.

Off I went to Home Depot to see what kind of trimmers they had. I found a new electric one at a pretty good price--heavy duty too--bought it and came back home. I struggled a little to get the string guard on it, but finally got it all together and began trimming.

The bank in front of the house is at least 150' long, perhaps longer and the grass was getting pretty tall. If I don't pay for the swimming, I am going to pay for the weed whacking instead.

It was starting to get dark when I finished and it was cooling off, but there was thunder in the west. The predicted storms were on the way. I closed off the pasture, gave the Boys some hay in their stalls and here I am, blogging away as the thunder just keeps rolling in.

I kind of figured I wasn't going to work the horses today anyhow. It was far too hot earlier and I knew the storms would come. I just lucked out in that they held off until I was able to get the bulk of the trimming done.

It is supposed to cool off tomorrow after some early rain. The rest of the week looks iffy with showers off and on but cooler temps. Good thing. My classroom is miserable in the heat. The longer it stays cool the better.

Might go for another even chillier swim tomorrow. I had forgotten how addicting it is. The pool is only open on weekends until almost the end of June so I might need to take advantage while I can.

We'll see.


  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Nice that you can swim - I'd like to but persistent middle ear trouble keeps me out of the water. I usually don't ride when it's above 90 either - just too unpleasant and hard on the horses too.

  2. It was pretty hot today. We were treated to some good thunder and lightening this morning too. I'd love to be able to swim this early in the season, but there are no pools around here and I don't have my own but would love to. I think swimming is the perfect exercise especially for bad knees.

  3. weather .... we can never win!