Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Almost Clone Yesterday

Except I did have a substitute so I didn't have to be in my classroom.

Spent the entire day in the theater except for a few trips to my room to use the computer to make the slide show. I got some really cute pictures. Not all that I wanted, but enough to do a good job. Now all I have to do is time it so it takes up the proper amount of time--yet to be decided--and we'll be set. I think.

We did a couple run throughs of the play and eventually discovered that the new ending really did not quite work out well enough. It was a pretty easy fix. We cut out one page and I had to rewrite a few lines of dialogue. It does make my part in the play even more significant, but I suppose that's OK. At least I know the stakes and know what HAS to be said, so there isn't much chance of important lines being dropped.

As far as my acting goes, it's just a matter of righteous indignation as a tell off the TV reporter for being totally insensitive to the humanity of the story she is covering--and trying to turn into a sensational expose. On the way home to feed the Boys after school--before the start of the evening rehearsal--I came up with a great idea to actually cover the action I had to delete in order to fix the end. It was a simple way to get the reporter to vindicate herself in the end and show a new-found compassion.

One or two of the replacement actors still have to develop their characters a bit more, but overall the play is pretty solid as it stands right now. The tech stuff is nearly set and I am pretty sure that by Thursday we will have one darn good show to present.

The Boys are starting to look at me with just a little concern. I do cuddle them when I feed, but it's kind of rush in, give them their meals, and then rush back off. Hopefully the weekend will afford me a little more time to do something with them.

I was really happy to see the stray outdoor cat back in the morning and tonight, when I came home, he was nestled on the pillow in the little cat condo the carpentry teacher built for us. He looked so comfy in there. I'd bet he feels nice and safe inside.

And hey, it's one of those special foam pillows that molds to the contours of your body!

Little stray cat body. Happy on his own memory foam!

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  1. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Like the image of the cosy cat! Good luck with the progress of the play - it sounds like it's coming together well. I expect the boys wonder what you're up to!