Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a Day!

Too Much To Do

I am immersed in getting the play up and running. That is going to require my being down in the auditorium/theater most of this week instead of in my classroom. It also means rehearsals after school every day, with the evening performances on Thursday and Friday.

But yesterday, I did not yet have a substitute teacher, so I also had to sort of conduct my classes. Three of them were supposed to be doing testing on the computers as were a lot of other classes which were coming into my classroom to test. That left me with no classroom because some kind of teacher training thing was using the classroom I was supposed to go into while this special testing was using the computers in my room.

To complicate all that, I had to design some kind of lesson plans and materials for my students to cover the week. That meant running off copies of things and setting up my room so a sub could actually teach--except on Thursday when there will be testing again and my classes will have to meet somewhere else. Got that? I'm not even sure I do. *sigh*

Then I went down to the theater on my duty period for a quick run-through where I discovered that some of the cast had the wrong script without the revisions, messing up the ending of the play completely. Mind you, my classroom is at the complete opposite end of a very loooooong school building. I had to go back to my room, run off a new copy of the revised script and then make copies for the cast. Took them back and within another half hour had to head back to my room to teach for the afternoon. Taught, back to the auditorium to check on things, then back for another class. then home to feed the Boys--who are looking fine, fat and shiny--then back to school.

I had a semi-brilliant idea for a slide show to be presented before the show. I figured we could show all the characters in the play as they were before all the accidents happened. Let the audience see them enjoying life and just being kids who thought they were going to live forever.

While the tech crew and their teacher set the lights, I took pictures of the cast all over the school in all kinds of fun poses. We got into the gym for a basketball pose, a classroom for a "sleeping on the desk" pose, and out on the lawn and parking lot for "car crazy" poses and "we're just friends" poses. These (back in my classroom again) I put into a PowerPoint slide show that I have to finish up today--I hope. I do need more pictures yet and then will need to put them in some kind of order.

I also made flyers/posters and hung some of them up in the school, but by then I was worn out and managed to get one of the actors to put some others up around the school for me.

By the time I got home, I just crashed.

This will be how the entire week goes. Except, I hope, I should have a substitute to cover my classes. "Should." One never knows.


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Sounds like you're getting your exercise even if you're not riding!

  2. What madness! It will have to be enjoyed in retrospect.

  3. The slide show idea sounds fantastic, if a lot of additional work. Sounds as though you have wrung every drop of juice out of the day today. Well done.
    Do you peruse the blog Tidings of Magpies? She is a nurse in Neuro ICU and sometimes tells of the sadness of lost youth.