Monday, May 04, 2009

Did I Tell You It Was Raining?

Just In Case You Missed It: It's Raining

Again. All day. A lot. And no, the alfalfa cubes were not on the train but in the rain. *sigh* (That'll teach me to proofread!) *G*

To make matters worse, it was really cold in the school building today. They may have turned off the boilers, so we had no heat, or it was just cold, or a combination of both. I had a little space heater in my room I finally plugged in and put under the tall chair I teach from in front of the room. It made a big difference.

I won't really complain too much about the cold because at least I can warm up somehow in my classroom. When it's hot, there is no way to cool off.

I finally put the Boys' sheets back on as it felt quite chilly out. Tuck and Toby were standing under the west run in shed with Chance standing outside in the rain, getting wet. I think he appreciated his sheet, at least. I'm not sure about the older Boys, but they didn't protest too much, so maybe they didn't mind either.

I don't mind when they get wet, but in the past I have had trouble with something like a rain scald or at least little bumps on PJ after several days of rain, so I'd rather have them in rainsheets with a little protection when the weather takes a bad turn like this. The forecast calls for rain through to Saturday with only a break on Wednesday. Miserable.

At least, for good or ill, the grass is growing. Unfortunately, it is growing around the house too and the lawn will resemble an unmown hayfield by the weekend. Because it was wet I could not mow, so it just keeps growing and growing.... When I do get to mow I may have to set the mower high and go over the entire lawn twice--once to trim it down so the mower can handle it, and then once to get it to the proper length.

Needless to say, I am getting very little work done outside. It looks as if when I finally do retire, I will have plenty to keep me busy.

Did I tell you it was raining?


  1. Maybe it will help your spirits to know that the weather in California was intermittent rain over the weekend, cloudy today with more rain promised for the next few days. It has laid the pollen to rest for a while and it's warmish, but not what we expect in May.
    Not raining enough to prevent the performance I must attend this evening, either. Where are you fire and brimstone, when I need you?

  2. Anonymous6:17 PM

    We've had a few days of sun, but it's supposed to start raining again tomorrow night - at least our mud had a chance to dry out a little bit first! It's supposed to be fairly warm, though, so no sheets (thank heavens - putting rain sheets on 13 horses in the morning isn't something I look forward to)!

  3. i'll probably have to strim my lawn before i can mow, it's getting so long..... tedious.