Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Drip, Drip, Drip

Perfect Timing

Nice and cool today but the rain came in just as I was leaving school. Off and on, not quite downpours, but enough to put me off.

I stripped Chance's stall and then bedded everyone with nice fresh shavings as the rain dribbled down. Chance had not eaten his alfalfa cubes from the morning--rather unusual--but he seemed quite pleased to find them as dessert for dinner.

Toby spooked, as he often does, from the shavings bag. It's a long story, but I have a feeling a rather unfriendly barn manager years ago discovered he was a bit worried about the rustling shavings bags and made a point of scaring him as much as possible with them. I think his original fear stemmed from a horrendous storm that ripped through one season and blew all the plastic off the windows, making them flap in the winds, inside the barn.

All just a theory, mind you, but Toby is definitely a spook about the bags even to this day. I am always careful around him and try to reassure him, but tonight he did snort pretty wildly and run out of his stall until I had finished bedding him down.

Since I was worn out to start off with after a day at school--with the final performance of my play--I limped back into the house after finishing the stalls and feeding. My knees are pretty sore too as a result of all the wheelbarrow pushing, so maybe resting them won't hurt as much as riding with them in the rain.

I'm listening for thunder now.

As for the play--my 9th grade classes as well as a few of my 10th graders came to see it along with a small group from a neighboring high school. My kids were really enthusiastic. They told me they loved it, and one girl told me it "gave her chills." I gave my 4th period class the worksheet and I must admit their answers were excellent. It clearly showed me they understoon the play and were really thinking about all its elements. I am more than pleased.

Next phase is to market it to the outside world. I just need to do a little research and send it off. A rather easy task this time, so I have good hopes for some success.


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Your play seems to have really worked with its target audience - the marketing should be successful. I find the damp weather bothers my back - probably the same principle as your knees. We have certain horses who are afraid of flapping things or plastic (including variants such as balloons), while others could care less - expect this is a combination of temperment and experiences.

  2. Good for you!

    Have you heard about this?

  3. It's great that your play received such good reviews from your students and everyone else, it should be no problem marketing it.

    We have a few who spook at plastic bags too while others could care less. It's always a surprise to find what new things will scare them. The other day my daughter was walking Nate past the white plastic covered wood piles (for some construction going on) and he actually popped a wheelie and took off down the road while Blue didn't even look at them when he passed them. Go figure.

  4. the thing is with your play, jean, will they remember when they're at the end of a night out and someone's had too much to drink? I do hope so ... and i suppose if even just one remembers at that point, that's a success!

    rain and arthritis don't agree, of course!

  5. Good question, Claire, but if one kid whose driving that night doesn't take a drink because of the play, or if one kid doesn't use her cell phone in the car because of the play, or if even one kid doesn't get killed or injured because of the play, it was worth it. How can you put a value on one life?

  6. That's very exciting, marketing your play to the outside world! If just one person is saved by it then it's all worth it.

    Toby might have been a bit more on edge because of the weather. They know when wild weather is coming. I find Tetley much more reactive when the weather is crazy or there is a lot of unusual activity.

  7. entirely agree, jean.. do hope someone takes it up commercially!