Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nothing to Report

All Quiet at Follywoods

I was Friday worn out and didn't do anything with the Boys.

They seem to be hanging out more and more in the barn, so I suspect the bugs are out. I haven't seen much fly action around, but it might be the mosquitoes. I did put some fly spray on them and I have fly sheets. Guess they will go on today.

I also have some industrial floor fans. I put one in front of each Boy's gated door in the barn aisle to blow some air through. Keeps flies out and keeps the horses a little cooler on hot days.

I use a feed through fly control--this year Simplifly--and fly predators, so I keep pretty good control of the stable flies. However, with 1200 acres of State forest behind me--the Pigeon SWAMP State Park--I have absolutely no control over mosquitoes, deer flies and all the other varieties that breed in the wet woodlands. I have fly traps around and a fogger to use if I really get frustrated.

And, I have a friend who works with the Mosquito Control Commission so if it gets really bad they will come over with the heliocopter to spray--presuming they have the funding to do their job this year.

For riding, if it gets bad, I have a full suit of Cashel bug armor for my horse. I picked up another suit on eBay last year for a song, so if anyone comes to visit, two horses can go out for a ride together.

This is a picture of Tucker from last year in the Bug Armor. There is a belly piece too but I haven't quite figured out how to put it on. The stuff works great! I use it for schooling in the summer so he keeps his mind on me rather than the biting bugs. And it even keeps me safe when the big B52 bomber horse flies show up. Tucker bucked me off one when one of them attacked him and I now bail off when one shows up to be safe. But with the Bug Armor on, it's OK.

I saw some other riding fly sheets on eBay the other day. They have a cut out for the saddle and would, I guess, work too. The face piece is a separate purchase as the Bug Armor only covers his body. I bought one with ears so he doesn't shake his head.

I honestly can say this was one investment really worth the price. If your horses are bothered with biting bugs when you ride, I highly recommend it. If you are interested, do a web search for the best prices, and don't forget to check eBay.

Hope I get some swimming in today.


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Great idea for the full-body bug protection - I often ride in a fly mask, but we have lots of mosquitos, midges, flies of various sorts and the dreaded B-52s! I too dismount or flee on horseback when one of those comes around - bucking fits or drop-and-roll is the likely outcome if one of those lands!

  2. Oh Tucker looks so sexy in his armour ^-^

    I think Italians woudl rather seen dead than being seen riding a horse dressed like that O-o LOL!

    I think it is a great idea. I use fly-spray when I ride, I have just bought a ear-fly mask for riding too. Very English riding, I know I am waiting for Mirella' reaction, but at least Teena won't head-shake !

  3. I loved the pictures from yesterday, just showed Dave how your playful horses entertain themselves.

    Today I had to hop off Tetley and go get my Cashel riding fly mask (with ears). He shook his ears for a while but then settled down.

  4. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Jean, i have horses and came across your blog. I used to be killed with mosquitoes and flies. Then a friend turned me on to a mosquito misting system. I think its by xmosquito. It goes off twice a day and i havent had issues in either barn or around my riding pen. Also, i got one for my home. I live in texas and we have alot of mosquitoes. Anyway, check these things out. they work great.