Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wet and Not So Wild

Wow, Did It Rain!!

All day today we had substantial rain. Fortunately it was warm enough not to be freezing. And equally fortunate, as far as I'm concerned, it was not snow.

I left Tucker in for the day. When I came home all was well except that his sheet was torn in a bit "L" on the side! How come the horse that stayed in destroyed his sheet? I didn't find anything in the stall to do it and I'll check again tonight as I put a different sheet on him. Fortunately, I seem to have a fair collection of horse clothing available to swap--that is until Chance ripped up a few. This one can be fixed so it's not a total loss.

I put Tuck out in the arena for a while with Chance for company. When I looked out from cleaning the stalls, I saw him standing in the run-in shed. So much for turnout! It was raining a bit--not heavily--but definitely rain. I guess he didn't mind being in and dry all day after all. He will be in again for the night.

From the looks of the forecast, tomorrow will be dry, so I guess the herd can go out for the day in the restricted turnout of arena and pasture.

Supposedly, the State of New Jersey inspectors will be here tomorrow to look at the solar installation. I guess they need to do this in order to finalize the grant money they have promised. From the looks of things, the electrician was back today. The drill is gone, the solar panel control box is put back together, and the box is gone from the lawn. However, the short circuit in the lights in my carport and back garage is not fixed. Does this mean he will return??

Again, tomorrow is another day. (And hopefully drier than today.)


  1. It sounds like you have no more control over your tradespeople in Amercica than we do here!


  2. Let;s hope they tell you how it all works before they finally sign off on it, as well!

    now how's a weird thing. i was trying to get to comment from the pc upstairs, which was telling me it was trying to contact "", which is very bizxarre as we're on blogger. and i failed to get in...

    come downstairs to the laptop, straight in no bother...

    very odd...especially as there's no such thing as!