Friday, January 09, 2009

Shal I Repeat Myself?

Too Cold To Ride

I guess, but it really didn't matter anyhow because when I arrived home I found three farriers at my barn shoeing my horses.

I say three this time because Scott is partially back in action. Apparently, his shoulder has healed and rehabilitated enough from the surgery that he can do a limited amount of work each day. He was fitting Tucker's shoes this time. Unfortunately we discovered that Tucker's heel on the club foot cannot be opened enough to let the German no pull the shoe boots to fit in.

I am going to try to contact the manufacturer to see if any modifications can be made without compromising the boots themselves. If not, I guess it's just cope with the turnout restrictions I have used to keep Tuck shod in the bad weather.

I did not get snow pads this time either, so I suppose now we will be buried under snow for the rest of the winter. I was worried that the pads would make it even more of a problem to keep Tuck's shoes on. And, there is the added worry of the fact that he had that bout of thrush.

After the shoeing was done it was already dark, and even colder for riding. I fed the Boys and headed out to the supermarket to pick up a few tasty foods to keep me happy for the weekend as I'd had a sudden craving for tortilla chips and salsa. Paul Newman's company makes a lime flavored salsa I really love and I managed to get two jars of it tonight and a nice big bag of chips.

So, let the weather do as it will. I will be fat and satisfied


  1. Honestly Jean, you ought to consider barefoot for Tucker. It might not be an easy transition, but long term, it would be best for him. Also right now he is in light ( very light) work. Taking his shoes off won't be too dramatic.

    Something to sleep on ...

  2. three farriers? one per horse, then?