Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nothing of Note To Report

Monday Off

No real horse news, except to say I was happy to see that the Boys still had some hay left outside when I got home. That means they had enough to eat and were not standing around in the cold with nothing to keep their insides warm.

MaryLou has posted that Tetley has lots of grass in his field. While she is concerned about its nutritional value, its mere existence is a blessing. At no time does Tetley have nothing to eat. In the winter forage is an essential for every horse. I have thought about the big round bales as an option myself, though after having seen the You Tube video of a young horse playing in one and scattering the whole thing all over the place, I do wonder what "Chance the Destructor" might do to one.

Anyhow, I did not even attempt to ride. The footing has not improved since it's hardly gone above freezing--though it might have gotten better if we would only have some sun. To make matters worse, the arctic freeze is on the way for Wednesday. Prospects for schooling do not look good.


  1. wish we had some grass in our paddocks! nightmare. Molly's is fractionally better than the one next door, and i'm putting hay out in the morning, but only enough for her before the others go out a few hours later otherwise she won't get the benefit of it. previous owner of yard used to put big bale haylage in a feeder in the winter fields, but current owner doesn't as seems to think it'll end up with ruined field...apparently.

  2. jean, i've just been to marylou's blog to tell her about english grass, and she's locked comments? i can't post a comment, and ther'es a padlock - and a padlock on the previous day?

  3. Yeah I tried last night Claire and got the same?

    We have lots of grass at the new yard you should see the size of their field.They are barely touching their feed at the mo and im just putting in some haylage when its frosty..more for my peace of mind really!