Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Early Post

No Point In Horsing Around

The ground is frozen solid and it's well below freezing out. (-9 C or 16 F this morning.)

Aside from that, I have a vet appointment with my kitty Reggie in the evening.

A word about Reggie, the allgergic kitty here. If you recall, I took him to the vet just before Christmas for NAET testing. Since then, and since the treatment, he is virtually 100% better. I am hoping tonight will basically just be a follow up with little need for more. I will be taking some more things with me to be sure he is not allergic to other things in the house, including the other cats. Still, the whole experience has been almost a miracle. I highly recommend it as an option for anyone with allergies.

As a fun side note, I enjoy feeding the birds in my back yard and also the squirrels. Now I know gray squirrels are a nuisance in Britain, but here they are just cute little critters. I bought a nice bag of peanuts in the shell for them.

The first day, I put the peanuts out under the bird feeder. I went into the barn to feed the horses. That really doesn't take too long. When I came back out, all the peanuts were gone. "My, those little fellows were hungry," I thought.

I went into the house and brought out another handful of peanuts.

A minute or so later, I looked out the window to see--Blue Jays happily and rapidly carrying off the peanuts to eat themselves. A nice little flock of Jays finished off those nuts in a matter of seconds. So much for the squirrels.

At last, though, this morning, the squirrels were under the feeder, successfully competing with the Jays for their peanuts. I think they managed to enjoy quite a few of the tasty morsels.

Now that they know they are there, perhaps they will get up earlier then the birds and claim the bulk of the peanuts for themselves.

I'd like that.

Reggie's appointment was canceled. Now I have the night off to sit inside the warm house just relaxing instead.


  1. Here it is warmer 2 to 4 degrees C and raining hard, lots of flooding.

    But don't care we have water ^-^ and an indoor school a must nowadays with the funny weather changes. I bet Caroline is really enjoying hers.

    I love squirrels, my Mum feeds a family of RED one in France, they eat roughly a 1 kg of nuts in two days You can add more peanuts LOL

  2. not a nuisance, jean, vermin - which, by carrying a virus, are decimating the native red squirrels. we shoot them, not feed them (greys, that is!) (that is, people who are lawfully authorised to have a gun and shoot with it! as you know, we have very tight gun control here as well!)