Thursday, January 22, 2009

Skeptics Welcome

The Hope Will Not Diminish

Our country was founded on differences of opinion and thrives on diversity. So, those who do not believe Barack Obama is the real deal and will make positive changes in the world are welcome. I too am a political skeptic who has too often seen politics rule instead of what is best for our citizens.

But I generally have good intuition about people and my intuition tells me President Obama sincerely intends to overcome politics and work hard to do what is best for America. And that, in turn will also be what is best for the world. This is the first time I have felt optimistic about our leadership in many years.

What I admire most about our new President is his intellect. He really is a brilliant man, who is actually ready, willing and able to listen to and weigh other peoples' opinions when he makes decisions. This is such a breath of fresh air from his predecessor! As I so often have said, "Only time will tell," but right now, my instinct is to believe we finally have the right man on the job.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I called the vet to make an appointment to take my cats for their annual vaccinations and was given one nearly within the hour! Catching the first three cats was easy, but Church, the most skittish of the gang decided to play it coy and by the time I had chased him all over the house he was so upset, he bit me when I tried to put him in the crate. I now have a very sore finger. Fortunately, he was an angel at the vets.

The horses are just being cute and cuddly. Chance was especially adorable when I came home from school. For some reason, he was in a cheerful mood and I must admit it rubbed off on me. It's hard to feel gloomy, even in the miserably cold weather when your horse greets you and just wants a hug.

I have been soaking their pellets for morning feed. It makes me feel good to give them a hot meal and it's also a way of helping assure they are taking in water in the cold weather. Toby, in particular, seems to really enjoy it that way. I don't think he has any trouble chewing even at his age as I've seen no signs of it, but maybe, as an older gentleman he appreciates the luxury of a hot meal. I think, though, the carrots I cut up in it may help! *G*

At times like this, when I can't ride, I really appreciate just having these animals around me. I am so lucky to share my life with them all. (Even if they do bite me now and then. *s*)


  1. do i get the feeling, jean, that you've been in contact with some people who aren't so keen on obama as president?

    I think it's amazing, and i'm jealous of my friends in DC who were able to be there (there two girls were interviewed by USA Today, don't know if it got aired, of course!)

    i don't think, however, he'll get his health care stuff through the big business involvement there....

    i don't know if you're aware of what happened to JC Racinet? been hearing about his healthcare problems - and he's out of insurance!

  2. Not many skepics out there, Claire, but you did bring up the issue yesterday. One, perhaps two teachers at school have been skeptical. Many others, who, I believe, voted for the other party have been strangely silent.

    I think the overwhelming postitive reactions to the inauguration have silence at lot of detractors for now.

  3. I think he's incredibly Jean, and seems to truly to want to do whats 'right'.I wish we had someone like him on the horizon over here cos our lot are all spin!