Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Short and Slippery

Time Out

Time out of school was just wrong today as it started to rain/sleet just as I was leaving the building. Thought I might manage a little work with a horse, though.

Then I got home and checked my phone messages only to find that the world's longest loan closing was still going on as the loan officer had accidently sent me home with a copy of one of the loan papers he needed. So I had to drive to the bank and give it to him.

By then the rain/sleet stuff was getting steadier. I fed the Boys, drove to the bank and then hermited myself in the house for the evening.

I just came back in from midnight snacking them and locked them all in the barn as it is getting more and more slippery out there. Freezing rain, as it doesn't seem to be coming down as ice.

Have to see what the morning brings, but I'm suspecting we might have a delayed opening if it keeps up this way. I'll worry too about putting the Boys out if the ice is too bad.

One more time, we'll see what tomorrow (or later today since it's 1 AM brings--I fell asleep on the couch.)


  1. which means you'll need to go back to get your neck fixed again, i expect! falling asleep on the couch....

  2. I wonder you ever sleep at all Jean, with the amount you do with your life!