Friday, January 02, 2009

Thank Goodness I Was Too Cold Again

The Day Became Busy!

It was cold again, although the wind died down. I toyed with the idea of perhaps a hack, but when I went out to feed, there was a hunter with a whistle and, I guess, beagles in the back field and woods. The horses were totally distracted by all the commotion and not at all ready to settle in. I had to lock them all in their stalls to get them to even eat.

When I went out later to let them back out, there was a stranger in my yard--the Township electrical inspector, here to look at the solar system hookup. I had to escort him into the basement and then listen as he explained all the outstanding violations still needing to be fixed because the solar installers were not there to meet him.

Then, when I'd spent some time with him, the solar guys showed up and they all began to review and discuss the same things. The solar guy videoed the session, which probably made the inspector even more picky about things. Then, when the inspector left, the solar guy knocked on the door and I was entertained by a whole lengthy explanation of what needed to be done and why some of the requirements were extreme.

He and his assistant finally left to go get some breakfast and in short order, the electrician showed up. Fortunately, solar guy was back quickly and the three of them sorted out the problems--I hope. Sooner or later the system should get government approval....*sigh*

However, I needed an adjustment at the chiropractor again as I'd fallen asleep on the couch...*duh* and I had a appointment to close on my home equity loan in the early afternoon. I made the chiropractor appointment for after the loan closing, figuring the timing would be perfect.


The loan closing took forever as I wanted to change some of the bills I needed to pay off with the money and the bank had approved other bills instead. After nearly two hours, I had to leave for the chiro. I got my adjustment, and headed back to the bank. It took about another hour to go through the paperwork and settle things.

The bank is in the supermarket, and I needed a few things, so I shopped and headed home as darkness was falling.

What should have taken about an hour had eaten up the entire afternoon. Good thing it was too frozen to ride, because I simply would not have had time.

And this is my holiday vacation?????????

What can tomorrow possibly bring?


  1. the trouble with time off work is that one has to do all the stuff one doesn't have time to do in the working week...

  2. Blimey, what a day you had!