Sunday, January 11, 2009


Cold, But Sunny

I doubt it ever got much above freezing today (32F, 0C) but the sun was lovely. It had only snowed about an inch or so and the ground stayed white all day except for the dark roadways where it melted.

After a short shopping trip to get some "Mendit" fabric glue to hopefully patch a few rips in the horse rugs, I came home and computered for a while. Then I decided to go outside to do something with the Boys.

The ground was frozen, but because the arena was still fairly level from the last time I'd dragged it, the shallow layer of snow made riding at the walk and cautious little trot on Tucker a possibility. So I did. Then I decided perhaps the footing in the woods might be OK so out we went. Error!! I did not take the "Tucker trail" but tried a variation. Not a good idea in the cold, with slippery footing, and a totally unfocused horse. Two minutes out and I dismounted to lead him back home rather than risk a "discussion" in the cornfield. I am a decided coward, I know, but the footing was bad and Tucker was threatening to be bad and I have absolutely no confidence in him or me under those circumstances. I took him back into the arena and trotted about for another 5 minutes with some walking for good measure and called it a day.

To my surprise, Toby wanted to be caught so we could go for a ride. I took him out on the Tucker trail and he reminded me of just how nice a good hack in the cold winter air could be. What a lovely boy.

Then I saddled up Chance for the same ride. The benefits of shoeless are obvious in the snow as he was having no problem at all with the footing. As a matter of fact, he wanted to trot off. I am just a little concerned because on the way out, Toby was calling to him and for the first time, he acted as if he wanted to turn around to go back home rather than adventuring. Still we had a nice little hack going in the opposite direction on the Tucker Trail.

I felt really good when we got back--very energized. Too bad the ground was not better because I would have liked to ride Tucker or anyone a bit more in the arena, but it was a no go. Times like this I wonder how well rubber footing would hold up. I don't have the money to lay such a surface, of course, but one can dream. Aside from an indoor it's the only option that might work.

Meantime I certainly did have a nice afternoon with the Boys and each one earned a nice carrot as a reward.


  1. barefoot is of course the cheaper option of that debate!

    try seaweed to see if that strengthen's his feet. over here we can get it in granules, and it does work ....

  2. If your going to have to buy boots to put over shoes is it not as cheap and easy to go shoeless and boot to ride anyway?
    I pretty much spent the first 12to 18 months booting Polo to ride as he was so contracted and tender at his heels and became second nature.
    Havent read back in detail just briefly saw a bit about ordering boots so assume thats what your thinking about doing?Apologies if im wrong!:))

    The rubber surface makes a huge difference can only remember one or two occasions when the school opposite my old yard was frozen.They are getting it down at the new yard soon as its just sand at mo.