Saturday, January 10, 2009

Now I'ts Snowing....

So The Decorations Stay Up

It was snowing in the morning, and all the outside decorations were wet. I didn't want to put them away in that condition and I really don't have a place to dry them. Guess I will have to wait for better conditions.

As for Tucker and barefoot...while it remains an option, my farrier and I consider it a last resort for now. When he was barefoot I had issues with bruises and had a number of lamenesses. (This was as a never been shod youngster.) When I started riding him more, his feet were not really holding up. Scott is not sure his feet are good for barefoot--meaning it would be a long transition. (Scott is an excellent farrier---very knowledgeable and up on his trade and feet. He has no trouble with Chance's being unshod, nor did he protest when I let PJ go barefoot.) I do understand the arguments for barefoot, but I'm not too willing to watch Tuck go through the transition unless we have no choice. Scott fitted his shoes this time and I have managed to control his turnout pretty well. He is also very adaptable to the changes in turnout schedule so that's good.

Needless to say, the Boys had another day off. They have plenty of hay, plenty of water, and all kinds of shelter. I'm sure they don't mind not being worked.

Now I just wait to see how much snow we are going to suffer.


  1. but if there's a decent covering of snow you'll be able to ride on that....

    It is a shame you can't take him barefoot but if he can't do it, he can't do it.

    No doubt you've tried all the relevant supplements to improve his feet.

  2. You are righ to listen to your farrier, after all *HE* knows Tucker better than us ^-^

    Not snowing here, but still cold coming from Russia.

  3. It's a puzzle why he didn't cope when he had never had shoes on. because it's usually the shoes that create the need for the shoes, if you see what I mean. I sympathise, because I know just how much of a pain it is to have a horse who is always, always losing shoes :-(