Monday, January 26, 2009

All Is Calm

Toby Seems Just Fine

In case anyone was worried. Just a quick post now, more later. I just checked him again before leaving for school and he is happily munching hay in Tucker's stall and Tucker is happily munching hay in Toby's stall, while Chance is outside happily munching hay in the paddock.

No clear reason for Toby's colic except his cribbing. The vet and I surmise he swallowed the air to build up the gas. I have had no luck with any kind of deterrant to the cribbing. I do have the collar from Australia to try again, but I'm not sure it will give a shock through his winter coat so I may have to shave him a bit in the neck area to test it out. But the unmodified version of the collar only worked for about two weeks and then Toby either learned how to crib without shocking himself, or just learned to ignore the shocks.

My vet noted that the last time she had been out for a colic with him was nearly the same time of year. It was right as a major snowstorm was about to hit--it did that night--and I had decided to be rather safe than sorry and had her come instead of waiting to see how the colic progressed. Good thing I did as it began to snow as she was leaving and really piled up by the next day.

Nothing much else to report. Again, the temperatures were well below freezing after only a day and a half of reprieve. I honestly cannot recall such an extended spell of this cold weather since I've had the Boys at home. (Is is over ten years already???) I only note this because I have been carrying buckets of water to the trough instead of using the now frozen hose. I can't quite remember not being able to use the hose for more than a week at a time. (I do still have the coil hose inside in case the "bucket brigade" gets too wearing.) Then again, maybe my memory is lapsing. After all, at this time of year, the terrible heat of summer actually is a pleasant memory, so who knows how my mind is working this out.


  1. so pleased he's fine. something about storm anticipation?

  2. Oh pleased he's doing okay!

    We just seem to have had months of endless mud:(