Monday, January 19, 2009

Ah, Well

So Much For Plans

Snow last night, again, just enough to put another coating on top of what's already there. Pretty, I suppose, but a bummer for riding. If it were deeper, it might make riding OK, but a coating over frozen and uneven ground is not too good.

I needed teabags and wanted to look for a new down coat at the Burlington Coat Factory so after I fed the Boys I headed out. It was snowing off and on, more annoying than dangerous. I did find a nice coat, though not 100% what I really want, which is the Land's End Chalet coat. But for now it will do as my current one is really showing some wear, tear and age. Actually you Brits might be pleased to know I may end up ordering the coat I want from Land's End in Britain, as the US store is out of stock. If I do I will be paying a bit more, but at this point, I will at east have my coat.

Drove back home, had some lunch and watched as the snow started falling with some determination. Next time out, I took the truck because I was going to go get alfalfa cubes for the Boys and carrying that weight in the back of the car had already once proven bad for the shocks.

Luckily, the feed store had the cubes--though only one bag more than I needed--but they were out of bedding. Fortunately, I had gotten some bales of shavings yesterday, so I was fine.

Now, on the way home I had a craving for a chocolate milkshake (Ice cream in the dead of winter???), but the little ice cream shop in the town on the way home was closed. I ended up buying some chocoalte/vanilla ice cream so I could make my own. Yummy. Not that I needed the extra calories, but sometimes you just have to indulge.

The Boys have spent the bulk of the day all the way out in the pasture, getting covered in snow. They seem totally oblivious to the weather. They have plenty of shelter and seem happier out in the open.

The bummer is that Tucker had snowballs in his feet. Toby had snow, but it wasn't as bad. Once more, I have to second guess myself about the snow pads. It seems we have had snow every other day since I opted out. Tuck will get around OK as he is pretty careful and when he is walkng in the snow itself or in the bedding of his stall, he's OK. It just has to be uncomfortable for him.

What would be ideal would be some kind of removable pad or a temporary one. I do have some hoof packing I can try but that, various greases, etc. wear out as the day progresses, just acting as a temporary solution.

Don't expect much news on the riding front for a while until things start to thaw--which may be towards the end of the week. There really isn't any point in trying to do much with the footing conditions.

Went over to the farm across the woods this morning, but I'm pretty sure I missed the horse again. There were two gray horses in the front field, but both had blankets on. I think I could see a gray horse in the back field, so I am supposing that's the one for sale. I guess my timing was off again.

Christmas decorations are still up. Saturday was the only chance to take them down in good weather. Now they are snow covered again. My consolation is that as I drive around various neighborhoods, I am not the only one who hasn't "un-decorated" yet. I guess Christmas will linger a bit longer yet. One year we were totally frozen in for all of January, so this isn't quite that bad yet.

Just annoying.


  1. The weather does tend to make life hard for us horsey galls doesnt it.
    I used to abandon all ideas of riding during the worst of the winter months and give Polo a couple of months off its no fun being wet and cold all the time. I might have a break for a few weeks or so soon.I wanted to get Ali straight out after moving yards which ive done so I reckon a bit of time off now while the weather's at its worst wont hurt.

  2. Weather report here too. miserable weather. cold 1 degree C max, then warm 8 degrees then cold.

    We are lucky because we have an indoor school ...

  3. lands end rocks. We often call at their shop if we're driving north - it's about half way between the south coast and home, and makes a useful break, and we ALWAYS get some good bargains!