Friday, June 01, 2007

Way Too Hot

Over 90 Degrees F

And no AC at school. My classroom also has no cross ventilation, windows high up, and no way to cool things down. It was miserable.

To top it off, all my unassigned time is in the morning. The afternoon schedule is booked solid with a hall duty at the front door, in a sunny hallway. I can't even get cooled of in an air conditioned office for that period. To say I was uncomfortable is a major understatement.

I also ended up with a bad neck by the end of the day and went to the chiropractor.

Where does all this lead? I didn't do anything with the horses...again.

Instead, I went back to school to see the Performing Arts dance concert. These students are really talented. They had choreographed many of the dances themselves as part of their course requirements. I must say, they did some great work. As well, there were several dances choreographed by professionals to add to the mix.

One of the most fun of all the dances was apparently a spontaneous invention when one 0f the students began to play with those big pilates balls. He discovered that you can do all kinds of really clever and effective moves with them. He created a great dance number using them.

As you can see the balls really get the kids flying.
The number had a lot of clever ideas and a great sense of humor.

Students in the Dance Program are hoping for professional careers and most of them look to take an Arts Major in college after they graduate from our high school.


  1. jean, is most of your neck problem stress?

  2. Sometimes it's stress. Sometimes all it takes is my sleeping with my head in the wrong spot. Sometimes it's fine for weeks and then it goes through these bouts. Sometimes it goes out and I am just fine. Other times it goes out and I get a headache.

    It's like my knees. Once an area is injured, it is sensitive to all kinds of reactions to all kinds of situations. Kind of like your psoriasis. Sometimes it just flares up.

    I had a whiplash injury from a car crash years ago. Prior to that, I had less common neck issues, which I now think dated back to childhood when I'd hit my head and probably had a whiplash. Right now, the shoulder injury I got when I Chance and I fell, is adding to the mix--along with the stress of some school activities.