Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nothing Doing

Just Another Off Day

Post for Tuesday, June 5

I went to get my hair cut after school. It took longer than planned as the salon was really busy.

I got home later than planned and kind of crashed.

Part of the problem is frustration. During the storm, half of my apple tree broke off and fell across the back yard. Fortunately, it didn't hit or damage anything. Unfortunately, it is blocking practically all vehicle access to the barn. Which means that my farrier cannot get in to shoe the Boys until the tree is cleared.

This thing is huge--too much for me to handle, so it needs professionals. I've called three so far and two have given me estimates. $375-$275 to clear the tree and one insists the rest of the tree should come down too, so he's suggesting $575.

Now, it has been several years, but I had a maple tree much bigger than this one cut down for $150 and the stump gound down for another $150. I know there is inflation in everything, but we are talking more than double here. My friend suggests I get some more estimates as there are dozens of tree removal firms around. That's a great idea, but I need to get the darn thing out of there sooner than later.

I may be able to use the truck or tractor--though I think it may be too much for the tractor--to pull it off a bit more to the side, clearing the place my farrier pulls in. If I can do that I can buy some time.

In the meanwhile, stay tuned. This is another one of those "own your own house/barn" sagas.


  1. hire a chainsaw? (but mind you don't give yourself NIHL or VWF to add to your woes!)

  2. I have chainsaws. I actually think I may have as many as four.I do not use them myself as I am not fond of big, dangerous power tools. One the size I could feel comfortable handling would do nothing to this monster. The bulk of this tree is too big for the average chainsaw. It is HUGE!!

    I fear this is pro work.

  3. oh dear..... you might as well sell the saws then! help towards the cost of the work if nothing else!