Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back to Work

Three for Three

Well, sort of.

I didn't really work Chance. I did lunge him a bit and he galloped around, perfectly willing to take both leads and when I finally managed to get him to trot, he looked sound. I don't want to jump the gun, however, so I am still keeping him in. After the bounding about I gave him a nice half-hour grazing session.

Tucker was next and I gave him a good school. There was none of the head cranking nonesense he had pulled in the lesson. Since I can't find anything wrong, I am beginning to suspect there was something about the bridle. It was his show bridle, so that is a worry. I will have to ride with it this week to see if I can find anything. Maybe there is something on it that rubs or sticks him.

We did some good basic work using a lot of outside rein as Gabriel had instructed. Tucker already goes to that rein, but it certainly never hurts to focus on the basics. I need to keep his canter a little more forward as he tends to bob with his head if he canters too slowly. But he really did work well.

I decided that if Toby might be asked to serve as a lesson horse now and then I need to focus on getting him legged up. I put him on the long lines for about 15-20 minutes of steady work. He was lovely and actually chose on his own to work in a frame. Needless to say I gave him tons of praise, pats, and a great big carrot.

I cleaned out the run in shed by the big Boy's stalls and dragged the arena as well, so I did put in a full evening of work. It was a gorgeously cool day after the thunderstorms yesterday, so I needed to take advantage.

Scott is coming to shoe and trim tomorrow morning. I don't know if he plans on shoeing Tucker's hind, but I'll leave him a note. Toby and Tucker are not going to be happy about having to stay in, but they'll be fine once they realize it's a farrier day.

Final exams are on schedule for school. The school year is closing fast.

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  1. our lot are having exams now but school isn't out until the back end of july ....