Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hotter than H

Nearly 100 F

So did I ride? No.

I went to the chiropractor in the AM so sort out my shoulder and neck. I think all the tension and braiding yesterday messed them up as I had a bit of a headache when I got home.

Then I did a little grocery shopping and headed off to my rehearsal in Cranbury. Another soprano and I are going to do a duet at the two churches in town and we need practice. With all the nice conversation and musical work together, we managed to use up the entire afternoon so I wasn't headed home until 5 PM.

Then, I had a craving for a bacon (Actually I use salami), lettuce and tomato sandwich, so off I went to another supermarket on the way home to stock up. They also had sweet corn on sale at 6 ears for $1.99 so I got some to treat The Boys.

Home again by 6 to feed. The corn was a hit with Toby and Tucker, but I don't think Chance likes it. That gave me one ear to eat myself. Pretty yummy for this time of year. New Jersey corn is not in yet, so this must be imported from out of state. It was surprisingly sweet.

My dad used to grow his own sweet corn here and the secret is to pick it and cook it almost immediately. He'd start the water boiling, go out, pluck the ears, shuck them on the way in and pop them in the pot. That corn was sweeter than sugar. You need to be careful not to overcook it too, as many people do. Just a minute or two when the water starts to boil again. It will be crisp, juicy and delish!! So, to say the corn I had today was good is quite a compliment as I am a bit of a snob when it comes to corn on the cob.

The tomatoes I got were so so. Still, that sandwich hit the spot. I can't wait till the Jersey tomatoes are ripe. I didn't plant any myself this year as last year my garden was raided by a tomato thief groundhog. Trying to fence him out is really a problem, so I opted out. I still may get a more mature plant and try a planter on the front porch. Again, my Dad was a master tomato grower, so I am spoiled there too by the flavor of home grown. I use the well aged horse manure as a base and lime it well to make it sweet. My tomatoes, like my Dad's were sweet and succulent. Ah, the summer harvest. Here in New Jersey, we are so lucky.

Good thing my tummy is full. This post is making hungry all over again.


  1. I shall call you "Tomato Jean" the wonderous horse-woman. I like that...No problem getting fresh manure either. hehehehe

  2. I have no idea how you manage to teach, do three horses, sing in a choir and campaign on local issues Jean. I'm a fair bit younger than you and just thinking about you doing that wears me out. And now we find that you grow your own veg too! I'm off for a snooze :-)

  3. Still thinking about tomatoes this year. Have to see what's out there already well started to put into pots.

  4. that's why she's got the bad neck etc and migraines, of course... doing too much.

    but you'll be chilling now jean!