Saturday, June 23, 2007


Limping Again

I took Chance out to ride him and he was very uneven. At first I thought it might be the bugs, but when I got of and lunged him, he was definitely off in the back. Same symptoms.

OK, so he is back in his stall and tomorrow I will again set up the little pen. He was 100% fine on Wednesday when I rode him, and he had been fine for well over a week before that. Whatever is wrong is a result of his running and playing. I will call the vet again and do a phone consult. I guess it will be a long summer in for Chance.

Tucker is fine and I gave him a good solid work in the ring. Just about a half hour, but he was sweated well behind when I was done, so I know he was working his hind end. I concentrated on correctness today in lieu of the tests. We did lots of ten meter circles, shoulder-in, haunches-in, leg yield, trot lengthenings, canter circles, canter half-pass, counter canter, and canter lengthenings. Except for one break to the trot after a canter lengthening, he did everything really well.

Toby and I warmed up for a few minutes and then rode through First Level Tests 1 & 2. I've got them except for being sure of the exact letters for some of the transitions. I just have to check the tests so I will be accurate.

I don't like to use a reader becuase I end up paying attention to him/her instead of concentrating on my horse and my riding. I usually do just fine remembering the tests on my own anyhow once I figure them out.

I got grain today as well, so unloading that was a nice bit of extra exercise.

All in all, not a bad day, but not a good one either with Chance limping again.

As I said, "Rats."


  1. i wonder if he's strained a muscle and then is twinging it again? like we do, think it's better then find it wasn't? that would make sense...

    my trouble is, if i'm really concentrating on what i'm doing, i don't i have to learn!!!

  2. I am suspicious of muscle too. Mostly because he was already better, though not 100% today (Sunday.) More later.