Friday, June 15, 2007

Missed a Cool Day: Thursday


I had a doctor and physical therapy appointment after school yesterday, so I got home late.

Then, I needed to go back to school for a performing arts program.

When I got back home from that it was already well past nine.

It was perhaps just as well as the Boys were shod and trimmed yesterday as well. Normally that is no cause for a day off, but this time Scott put shoes back on Tucker's hind. I had already decided riding him would be a little too much with the added shoe weight and I was only going to lunge him. The time constraints canceled even that. Oh well, another cool day wasted.

But the performance at school was worth it. Eight students had competed in an audition monologue competition during the day and at night, they presented themselves before two professional actor/judges who critiqued them and suggested improvements. It really was a fascinating experience for all involved. What was most interesting was listening to the suggestions the professionals made and then watching the kids--teenagers--adapt and change their presentations according to the critiques. The improvements were amazing.

Our performing arts teacher, Maria Aladren, told me today the professionals were mightily impressed with her students and wanted to work with them some more. She said they would have readily accepted any one of the auditioners into their university programs right now since they showed such superior concentration, focus, and ability to accept and use criticism (notes) so well.

What a pleasure to see these kids in action. (Even the ones who somehow are managing to fail my English class. yeech!!)

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