Friday, June 22, 2007

Ride Times

Middlesex County Dressage

At the NJ Horse Park, Rte. 524, Allentown.

I ride at 11:09 in Ring #2 and at 1:16 in Ring #1.

Well, that will be interesting. Tucker is not particularly fond of Ring 1 in front of the big grandstands. Of course it will all depend on what kind of interesting things are lying about near the arena.

I won't worry, though. He can do the tests in his sleep.

I wish I could, but I am still just a little lacking in complete confidence that I will remember every movement. They are changed just enough from last time to have some elements in new places.

However, I rode both of them tonight on Tucker and he did a lovely relaxed job. He was a breeze to ride. He will need to be more "together" to score high at the show, but if he would approach the whole thing with the same quiet, confident aplomb he showed tonight, I would be a more than happy camper.

Signed out for the year at school with still no resolution on the problem girl's grades. Rumor has it her mother was coming in for a conference later this afternoon, so perhaps all is resolved by now. I just left a note to the guidance counselor reminded her that the girl's "accomodation plan" only said she could have extra time on tests, not extra months to get regular assignments done.

I also went to Petco to get cat food. They have a pet adoption place there with cats. There were some adorable kittens--blacks and striped, my favorites--I oohed and aahed and managed to walk on by without falling for their charms. I have five cats as it is, all quite adorable in their own right.

As I was buying cat food in bulk, I met a woman and her husband also buying quantity. She asked me how many cats I had and then floored me saying she had 26! Apparently, she runs a cat rescue. We had a nice chat and she gave me some advice about catching the stray poppa cat who has really decided my property is his home. She also gave me a lead to a vet in the area who will do discounts for neutering strays for a trap/release program. I am going to check into it in case I can manage to get Paprika captured. He is looking thin, probably from lots of wandering, as he was chubbier this winter. I don't know how old he is, either, but I am wondering.

Then, my aunt told me last night that when she went to close her garage door, a big gray and white cat ran out. Another stray? No one close to us has cats except my neighbor whose cats I know.


  1. My sister in law has 11 and 2 dogs. I don't know how she does it with that many cats.

  2. good luck for the tests. have you no one to call them for you if you think you'll forget? shame i'm not closer, i'm a dab hand at that LOL (stentorian bellow....)