Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away....


I must have missed it on the weather forecast. We had heavy rain this evening.

I was home from school early because we had a half day. But I had to go back for graduation, and opted to work the horses when I got home from that somewhere around 7:30 or so when my job was over.

I should have ridden in the afternoon. I was a little hot, but not bad at all. I just kind of crashed instead and took a short nap.

Just before the graduation ceremony started, we had a heavy rainstorm. The bad thing about that is my ring was already pretty wet from the rain the other day. With what came down in the first shower, I'm sure it was full of big puddles--all of which seriously hinder Tucker's mental state and way of going as he likes to "tiptoe" through the water.

My young cousin was graduating and I connected with my Aunt and cousins there. As the skies kept threatening, I joined them for an after ceremony dinner at a local restaurant. Good thing I decided not to go home to ride as the skies opened up again in more heavy downpours.

The Boys were pretty dry when I got home, so I guess they figured out the weather long before I did and took shelter. Either that or the mosquitoes were out in force and they never bothered to go out at all.

So much for practicing Test 4 for the show. I guess I'll just have to perfect it in three days instead of four.

Still no word on the student and the grades. I may find out tomorrow.

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