Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Bit Cooler

But Still Too Hot to Ride

So, I decided to do some house cleaning instead.

I have a ton of clothes. I have been sorting and getting rid of them. However, the project ended with piles of stuff all over my bedroom some weeks ago. Today, I started up again. I now have three large bags to go to one of the good will bins, a very neat closet and clothes cabinet, and some piles yet to go. I haven't done the horse/casual clothes yet.

This takes a surpising amount of time.

When I went out to give the horses dinner, I cleaned all the stalls and Chance's little run-in. That took a good amount of time too. And the rest of the barn could use a good cleaning. I have a bunch of sheets/blankets to sort and all kinds of bits and pieces of equipment and supplies. Some are good, some not.

And then there's the back porch, the collecting area for all things. And.....

Well, I guess if I keep at it, I will have the whole place cleaned up eventually.

Somewhere, I will find the time to ride.

When it's cooler.

More storms tonight and promises of lower temperatures tomorrow.

Hope so.

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  1. pace it so it lasts all the holidays ... so that you get some chill time as well....