Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I Need to Get Out of School

My classroom is miserable. I wasn't even THAT hot today and my room was stifling.

After a meeting after school, I came home totally washed out. Not that I would have done anything with the horses anyhow as Tucker still doesn't have his shoe and the ground was still a bit hard.

It did finally rain, though, so tomorrow might be OK. I really need to drag the ring first to break up the sand. It has a little clay in it, which is good in some ways, but when it gets wet and then dries, if it's not raked, it gets a solid crust on it. It just makes it kind of uneven and not as cushiony to ride on as it is when dragged.

I probably need to start legging Toby up too in case someone needs to ride him in lessons. He really doesn't seem to want to work, but I think once I get him more fit, he will be happy to help out.

We only have 8 more days of school, so I guess I can make it before I melt. The rain last night/this morning may have cooled things off. I hope so. I really want to have the energy to do horsey stuff when I get home. This weather is making me feel old.

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  1. you can borrow some of our current rain if you want .. but it's more than hot enough for me here, couldn't sleep last night because of it..