Friday, June 15, 2007

Took A Chance

Three on a Longe

I lunged all three Boys tonight. Tucker and Toby for a bit of real work and Chance just to see if he was sound. He was.

I had decided that since I had lunged him Wednesday and he had acted like a hooligan, if he were going to reinjure himself, that would be the time. He had taken both leads without a problem, despite the fact that I had only asked him to trot. That was a plus, but careening around me was a negative.

At any rate, since he looked sound today, I let him out of his pen.

More hooligan. He took off at a gallop and by the time he was done I think he covered every square foot of the paddocks, ring and pasture. I cringed, but when he was done and I trotted him out on the line I couldn't see any sign of irregularity. I decided to leave him out for the night and I'll see how he is in the morning. If he is OK, then I'd have to guess he's healed.

Tucker and Toby were their usual obedient selves on the lines. Tucker was, as always a bit lazy, but I gave him a good work. Toby was, as ever the "lungemaster." I had left the ring gate open and the two kids kept insisting on coming in while I was working him. No matter what they did, he just kept going at a good forward steady pace in all three gaits, completely ignoring them and focusing on my commands. What an angel he is.

Carrots all 'round and plans to do some riding tomorrow. It's supposed to be warmer, but not hot yet. That's coming on Sunday and Monday.

Anticipating that, I gave my last final exam today instead of waiting until Monday. There is no point in torturing my students by expecting them to think in the 90+ degrees predicted for next week. I dread it myself. So far the exam scores have been really good, and I am quite pleased.

Only four more days to go. Somehow I haved ended up being assigned two jobs for graduation night. I don't know if that means I get to choose or whether I am actually supposed to be at one or the other. It's either usher at the door or help kids with their caps, gowns and corsages.

Maybe I could usher kids at the door with corsages?????????????

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