Monday, June 04, 2007

Vet Report

Is No Report

Dr. Klayman came this afternoon to look at Chance.

He was still lame, but has improved since last Saturday at the show grounds. So, once more, the doctor ran through all the standard tests. Again, Chance does not react to the hoof testers, shows no swelling or heat, and does not test positive on the lower joint flexion tests. In essence, nothing shows up as being wrong except that he is slightly but definitely lame in his right hind.

We discussed the nerve blocks and while I was quite ready to do them on one hand, on the other hand, since Chance had improved with rest, neither I nor the doctor were sure the tests would prove anything really conclusive at this time. Dr. Klayman thinks the lameness is higher up--hip, stifle? It could be either ligaments or muscles. However, he also feels that finding the problem would be a problem in itself. As well, he said that you only get a few chances with the nerve blocks--injections--before some horses really start to protest--not a pretty picture with the hind legs.

Now, Chance has already proven to be pretty intolerant of pain. He was not a good boy for having his teeth floated and, when he had a scrape on his leg, he literally went down on his knees when I tried to clean it.

So, I eventually chose the easiest route for now. We decided to wait three more weeks, keeping him in his little run in to see how it goes. Then, on around the 25th of June, Dr. Klayman will come back to examine him again. If he is sound--good. If not, then we have to take more direct action.

I am fine with this. The little shed area is really shaded and nice in the summer. Tucker seems quite interested in keeping Chance company--to the fault of helping him break out. Chance does not seemed stressed about being kept in, and the fact is, he did improve. So, we will see whether rest cures the problem.

In the meantime, I plan on speaking with Chance through my animal communicator to see if he can shed any light on what's wrong.

Once the rain stopped this afternoon, I managed to get a few barn chores done--trimming some branches, fixing the fence, and cleaning Chance's shed out really well.

Then, mostly because there were some puddles all over the ring, I decided to lunge Tucker. Riding him with puddles is really annoying as he tries to tiptoe through the water and just loses his concentration when I am in the saddle. When I am on the ground, he works much better.

We did a nice set of turns on both reins and then I had him jump a little rail jump several times in each direction. He is really using himself well and has figured out how to lift his front and and jump off his hind. I must say, every time I see him go over a jump I am totally convinced he would be a super hunter/jumper prospect. I may take him over a little course eventually, but my heart is really in dressage. Gone are the days of 3'6" courses in the recognized shows. Every once in a while I miss it....then I don't.

Gotta get my entry in for Middlesex Dressage. First Level tests 3 & 4. I'll save Second Level until we both know what we are doing....*G*

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