Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nothing Really to Report

Shoe Lost

Tucker has lost a shoe, so I didn't ride him as planned. I can't seem to find anything obvious that would have made him shake his head and fight the bit. If it rains a bit as predicted and the ground softens back up, I may get in the saddle tomorrow to see if I can figure it out.

Meanwhile, I took Chance out for a little lunge and he looked pretty sound. There may be a hint of a hitch, but it is barely noticeable if there is. Another week or so and I think he will be fine.

I did a bunch of outdoor work, including some week whacking and a pretty thorough cleaning of Chance's little shed and stall--stripping. I let him out to graze on the lawn while I worked which was fine until he started to gallop around. Looked good, but it was a bit worrisome.

Toby and Tucker were way out in the pasture, so they didn't get invovled. They came back in soon after, though because ths mosquitoes were coming out in force. It's going to be a bad bug year with the rains.

Yesterday was a horse bust too. I needed another chiro adjustment in the AM, then, when I got home, I went to the Titus Farm dedication James' had organized. Thomas Titus was a freed slave who ran a farm in our Township that ended up being deeded to the public and preserved. James had managed to get a beautiful memorial marker for the site and held a wonderful dedication ceremony yesterday. His daughter, Shannon sang beautifully, and a young orator, Victoria did a fantastic presentation. It was a wonderful program and I'm really glad I got to go.

After that, I went to the wedding of a former pupil. Melissa is a lovely young woman and I am so happy the weather smiled on her outdoor ceremony. The reception afterwards was fun as well and I got home sometime after nine or so. By then it was dark, I was tired, and the day was done for me.

So, I've been busy all weekend, though not on the horse front. Hopefully the shoe will be back soon and the weather will stay kind.

Then again, we do have the bugs......

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