Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rain and Thunder

And the Shoe is On!

When I got home from school, my farrier was here shoeing Tucker. Well, shoeing his front feet anyhow.

I had a doctor's appointment for metabolic testing, so I couldn't stay until he was done. When I came home Tucker's front feet were done, but his hind were still bare. My farrier is coming back on Thursday morning, so it's possible he planned on finishing Tuck up then, or...he may have forgotten that I wanted the shoes back on the hind. With the show season upon us, and all the work Tuck needs to do off his hind, I think he needs the support, especially since the shoeing is a bit orthopaedic giving him extra support for his hocks. It's no great crisis, just a bit puzzling.

We had a thunderstorm earlier in the afternoon and by the time I got home from the doctor, thunder was rumbling again. Then the rain started.

I have several jobs to do outside I had to cancel and, needless to say, riding went by the wayside again.

The front is supposed to clear by tomorrow, so I should be back in gear. I might even feel up to it if the weather is cooler as my classroom might not be so abominable.

Only seven more days to go before summer break. I am looking forward to being able to escape the heat whenever I want to instead of being imprisoned by a class schedule.

And, gee, I will actually be able to ride any time during the day I so choose.

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  1. "And, gee, I will actually be able to ride any time during the day I so choose."

    save for the heat, the flies and the thunderstorms LOL!

    my farrier now won't trim unless someone's there to hold her ... not helpful!