Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunny Sunday

And What Did I Do?

After church I did some shopping. I did need a few things from the supermarket, but on the way I managed to stop at the shoe store.

I found some dress Sketchers--nice little white Mary Janes with a strap that fit with my orthotic insoles in and actually supported my foot. By the time I'd left, I'd ordered a pair in black and beige as well. Since my bunion and the stepped on toe, I haven't been able to find anything to wear except athletic shoes and perhaps some sandals for short term wear. These look dressy enough to wear with a skirt and nice dress pants, so now I can look a little more dressed up than sneakers allow.

Then I went to Shoprite for the groceries--oh, I stopped at a new farmer's market too and stocked up on some nice fresh veggies and stuff to make shishkabobs on my new grill--not yet set up. Shoprite was totally out of hot dog rolls! There must have been a run on barbeque foods for Mother's Day, because this is a huge store with plenty of stock and there wasn't a hot dog roll to be found.

That sent me back to SuperFresh about a quarter of a mile in the opposite direction where I did get the rolls and some potato chips--on sale.

I got home, cooked a hot dog and sat down for a bit. Suddenly I was overcome by total tiredness so I lay down on the couch for a bit. Ooops. I woke up again at about 6 PM.

And, I was aching all over, leading me to believe I just may be fighting some kind of bug. But then, I had to feed the Boys, so out I went.

It was still a gorgeous day. So while the Boys were eating, I took out my new little hand saw and sawed down a few trees that are growing up along my riding ring fence. That done, I took out the DR Timmer and began working on the weeds around the ring. Last year they got completely out of hand so this year I am going to attack them before they grow. Aside from breaking the trimming strings, the trimmer worked really well on the growth. I have to learn to be a bit less aggresive with it to keep from breaking the trim strings, but I surely does a great job.

Cleaned the stalls and finally brought Tucker in for a nice little lunging session. I should have ridden, but I ached too much, so lunging was a good alternative. He was a good boy except when Toby and Chance ripped by at a gallop heading out to the field. Still, he didn't manage to break away and the excitement ulitmately improved his gaits to more forward.

Missed my Sunday rides, but sometimes the body just doesn't want to make the effort.

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