Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Hot Day

Tried to Mow the Lawn
But. First I had to use the battery charger to get the Bolens started. Once I did, all was well for about 20 minutes. Then I shut off the mower to clear some branches from the lawn and I couldn't get the mower turning again. I took the tractor back to the garage, shut off the engine and cleared all the debris off the mower deck. Started it up with the charger again and still the blades would not engage. I did this several times and tried every trick I could think of. No go.

The Bolens is over 25 years old and it works well when it works, but it seems to be developing chronic problems. I can send it off for repair, but then I will just watch the lawn get higher and higher.
So, I went to Home Depot and bought a new John Deere lawn tractor/mower. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get it unloaded from my little trailer, fill it with gas and it is supposedly good to go. With my bad knees I simply cannot use a hand mower to cut the grass. I can trim with my DR trimmer, but I have a good acre or more of grass to deal with, so my legs would just not hold up. I know the new mower was a big splurge, but at this point, I've had enough frustration with the old "guy." I'll get him fixed up as he is a powerful critter and good for doing the pasture, as well as other chores. He will have a home here, but I think the new Deere will do the bulk of the lawn from now on.
Speaking of. Part of the plan was to get some grass cut and feed it to the Boys, particularly
Chance who is penned up out of the pasture.

He has a nice little home for now as you can see from the pics. Still, it's not free run of the paddocks and field.

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  1. lovely picture.... he looks quite chilled there.

    john deere off trailer - ? ramp made of planks of wood?

    grass cuttings for horse - we're always taught not to do that in case of colic?