Friday, May 25, 2007



I had anothe migraine thing yesterday. The headache wasn't horrible, but enough to lay me low and the stomach was icky. I went to the chiropractor twice to finally get it sorted out.

So, no horse work, but horse news, nonetheless.

Dr. Klayman called last night. He will be at the New Jersey Horse Park for the big dressage show on Saturday and will be glad to look at Chance there for me.

Yea! I'd much rather get it looked at sooner than later.

Of course, that means trailering and I have no idea if Chance will load.


That means a bit of work tonight when I get home. I will have to hitch up and at first I will try him in the yard. If he is a problem, I will take the trailer into the paddock and feed him in it for the night. The only trouble there is that both Tucker and Toby are master loaders and will be in the darn thing before Chance has a second thought about it.

Of course, one could hope they would be good role models, but more than likely, they'd chase him away if food were involved.

It should be fun.




  1. maybe if you load one, chance will follow in? it may mean you having to take both, but worth it for chance both re the vet and the travelling practice...

  2. It might work, but with the price of gas, trailering two for no reason is a pain. I can teach a horse to load pretty quickly, usually, but I would rather not have to argue with him too much now.

    I will try him out tonight and see what needs to be done. Thanks for the idea. With a two horse trailer, sometimes loading one can discourage the other one. But, if he sees one of them go in, he might think it's all OK after all.

  3. we're paying nearly GBP1 for a litre.... that'll be USD2....can't recall what this it per gallon, probably over GBP3 USD6