Saturday, May 12, 2007

Busy, Busy

Much To Do

I called the vet today and she suggested some Azium to help Chance get over his bumps.

That meant I had to drive down to their office right after school. It is about 25-30 minutes from my house, so a good 45 minutes from school. Fortunately, on the way, I was ahead of the commuter rush. But, I didn't get home until after 5:30. Quite a revelation as I had not been on those roads during rush hour in quite a while. I used to board my horses in the area and drove over regularly then. Good thing my horses are not out that way now because the traffic heading out was horrendous. There was a line of cars trying to cross Route 33 stretching for well over a half mile. To think, were I heading that way instead of home, I would have been stuck in it. If it's like that every day, I can't even imagine what it would be like trying to get to my horses.

I had also picked up a new concrete lid for my aunt's well at school earlier in the day and was driving with about 300 lbs of cement in the back of my car. I did manage to get Bill's two strapping sons to come over to unload the lid--two halves of a circle--and put it on her well so I didn't have to carry it around with me on the weekend. These two young men are a wonderful pair who did a great job setting the lid just right.

By then, it was a bit after 6:00 and I was going to dinner at 7:15 so I really didn't have time to ride. Instead, I tied the gates shut across the driveway and let the Boys out to graze on my lawn for about an hour. I'd shut them out of the pasture all day because thunderstorms were predicted. But the grass out there is nothing compared to my lawn which is growing like crazy. They really enjoyed themselves doing a bit of mowing for me.

I fixed a little mash for each one of them, putting the Azium in Chance's and Tucker's. Amazingly enough, when I called them to come back into the paddock, they did, perfectly willing to leave the grass for a second dinner.

Then I was off to my dinner, an authentic home cooked Indian meal. Good company, fascinating food, and eating with our fingers made for a fun evening.

Tomorrow I need to get grain, and if rain is still in the forecast, lime the pasture. I also have fertilizer for the lawn, but at the rate it's growing now, I hesiate to use it. I might wake up in the morning and not be able to see out my windows through the green blades.

Wish I could get the pasture to grow like that.

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  1. the only way to eat indian is with nan bread and ones fingers. scrummy. that's what we're having for dinner tonight...