Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another Lovely Day

Fast Ride and Fast Lime

I rode Tucker for a school in the ring as the weather was gorgeous. He was great. I had looked over First Level Tests 3 & 4 before I went out, and planned on riding through both of them just for the entertainment of doing something.

Well, if I plan to show them again this year, I'd better bone up. Once I was in the saddle I messed up both patterns completely. No big deal as I did all the exercises--just in the wrong places. The nice thing was that Tucker was perfectly fine with it and was very obedient. He was quite agreeable even when I stopped to ponder why the heck I was on the right rein when I should have been on the left and vice versa.

We need to work on getting him more forward and through to the bit, but I wasn't asking for much of that this time. All in all it was a fun ride.

And then came the lime. With rain predicted for the weekend, I thought it would be a good chance to spread some lime in the pasture so I hitched the spreader to the garden tractor, filled it with 6 bags--it's a big spreader-- and off I went. The horses were fascinated and spent the entire time out in the field with me "snoopervising." So glad I could entertain them for the evening.

Bill showed up later and fixed the broken fence rail for me. One of the screws was stripped so even he had a bit of a challenge trying to get it out. At least it wasn't my total incompetence that kept me from getting the job done.

It's not raining yet this morning (10:30 AM) so I should be able to get a ride or two in and perhaps a school on the lines for Chance. Then I am going to a barbeque birthday party for my cousin's son who is now 18. In two more weeks it will be his high school graduation barbeque. Then I have been in invited to a Memorial Day weekend barbeque too--so I guess I will be duly barbequed out this month.

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  1. we haven't got barbecue weather here.

    and in some ways it's as well not to do the test movements in the right order ... avoids the anticipation LOL