Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Break

Sticking with Tradition

I gave the Boys off tonight. Chance looks fine in the field, but I will only know for sure when I try to work him again.

Mondays have traditionally been a no work day for the horses. But today, I had a doctor's appointment after school, and a plumber's appointment when I got home.

As I was leaving for school this morning I heard the tell-tale hiss and sputter of water. I found it shooting out of the outside faucet attached to the house. I went down into the basement to try to turn off the valve only to have it stuck, leaving me with no option but to turn off the house water completely.

My friend/neighbor's husband on the next road is a plumber, so I called from school. Donna told me Brian could drop by this evening to scope out the problem for me. When I got home from the doctor, he was already here, waiting. Good thing he came because the valve was somewhat stuck, and the problem was a pipe that had rusted through. He manged to close off the offending line so I could have water inside and then insisted on fixing it then and there.

I didn't argue or interfere. It took him over and hour and we had a nice chat afterwards. When I went down later to look, I saw an absolutely beautiful repair job with nice copper pipe replacing the rusted section, and a useless section of pipe removed so the whole system is much better designed. All I can say is I am one lucky person to have such a good craftsman available.

At school today, I took a part in a video project the performing art students are working on. Several of them wrote TV scripts in an in-house competition, and they are now filming the winning entry. I played a teacher--typecasting??? The interesting twist is that I had to play the role twice--once as a person and once as a person in a mask. I read the script months ago, so I don't remember all the details, but it was a fascinating story. I can't wait to see the finished product.

The performing arts teacher really inspires her students to high levels. I always enjoy being involved whenever I can.

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  1. at least they survived the apples ....