Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bumps Abound

Hives? From What?

I didn't ride yesterday. Mostly because my shoulder was so bad I had to go the the chiroprator again.

When I got home, I unloaded the hay. Since I'd gotten the golf cart running again, I was able to back the little trailer almost all the way into the carport, so unloading was a snap.

Later, when I went out to feed the Boys their midnight snack, I found poor Chance covered in bumps. Now, this is either hives or bug bites, but I am leaning towards hives as neither of the other horses has any signs of bites.

I am a bit puzzled. While I did get new hay, it is the second cutting from the same fields where the first cutting came from. The last time I had a few bales of this, I certainly didn't see any kind of reaction unless his winter coat hid it. If he is reacting to the hay, that is a bummer because I feed free choice and trying to keep this hay from him will not be easy.

I put some skin medication on a section of the bumps this morning, so if there is a major improvement, I will be able to use it. If not, I will have to call the vet for a consult.

The hay was the only change I made, so while it is a prime suspect, there are also all kinds of other possibilities including some kind of weed or pollen blowing about.

On the upside, Chance does not seem itchy on the bumps--another reason I don't think it's from bugs.

I have seen this before and one time Russell had big hives on his belly. Usually, they clear up pretty fast, but we will just have to wait and see. I don't want this to turn into a frustrating, or chronic condition, so I will do everything I can to fix it sooner than later.

Owning horses is a never ending adventure.


  1. tedious. hope you work out the culprit soon!

  2. Poor fellow..Give him a carrot for me...