Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Little Soggy

Opted Out

Of riding tonight as the ring was a bit soggier than I had expected. I guess all the rain is taking its toll. We had a wicked thunderstorm last night.

I dragged the ring again instead. The horses were exercising themselves pretty effectively anyhow, frolicking and racing about, so no big loss there. I had thought to lunge Toby, but the wet conditions changed my mind.

I did plant two new rosebushes. I only lost one this winter, to I'm one up for the new season. The rose garden does need tending, though as there are a lot of weeds coming in. I pull some out every day, but I think they are getting the best of me. I may just go the mulch route ASAP.

School was a mixed bag today as the English department was back together to finish the final exam revisions. We were well on our way to solidly completing the task when the whole computer network crashed. Four exam sections were stored on a network drive which was suddenly inaccessible. That teacher did have some of the files in her email account, but we couldn't even open that. Total crash.

That sent me back to my classroom as my lesson plans for my classes had included an Internet based assignment looking up word definitions. I do, however, have a supply of real paper dictionaries in the room, so I got them out and crossed my fingers that the students would actually use them.

We shall see tomorrow.

All and all, with a trip to the chiropractor to get my shoulder fixed again, it was a relatively good day.


  1. Sounds like a pretty quiet day by your standards..HAHAHA!

  2. back up back up back up....then at least if someone had had a laptop that wasn't networked the stuff could have gone on there? depressing.. hope they fix it soon.