Thursday, May 17, 2007

No Excuses

Did a Bit of Shopping

After school. And I didn't buy a thing. I had a mission and thought I had tracked down a jacket I was looking for. But I wasn't sure, so I scouted out a few other stores in the Mall and by the time I got back to store number one, someone else had bought it.

That brought me home about an hour late, so I fed the Boys who seemed quite happy to see me. The temperature had dropped during the day and it was really a lovely cool--perfect for riding.

But, I have choir practice on Thursdays, so to wait the hour until I could ride was pressing my luck, so I surrendered again. I was frankly, a bit tired, so I suppose that had something to do with my lack of enthusiasm.

I may give Tuck a bit of a lunge when I go out to do late feed--which I plan to do earlier than usual tonight so I can get to bed on time for a change. I didn't sleep really well last night. That's usually what happens when I have to go back to school at night. I wake up too much and can't get settled in once I'm back home. When I used to teach night school, it was terrible. I'd be totally exhausted the next day.

Trouble is, it's supposed to rain for the next two, possibly three days. That may give me a chance to get the lime down if it's not too steady a downpour, but I am not too hopeful.

And I may try to sneak a ride in between the raindrops.

If not, I guess the Boys will just have more time off.

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  1. Party time for the boys..The hay will be flying!!